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2015 Conference Program Resource Archive & Presentation Documents

With thanks again to the nearly 100 AVAP members who joined to make the July 14-15 2015 Boston-Cambridge conference so memorable, we hope you’ll continue to build on the connections made this past summer as your academic year continues.

For handy reference, all of the resources and presentation materials are now archived on the 2015 Conference Information Page.

AVAP President Update

September 21, 2015

Dear AVAP Colleagues,

Greetings from the AVAP Executive Committee. We hope this email finds you well! The purpose of this letter is to provide a brief update on several outcomes from our business meeting in Boston and our progress toward this year’s goals. Please communicate with any of the executive committee members if you have comments, feedback or advice.

Report on Outcomes from our Business Meeting – July 14, 2015, AVAP Conference, Boston, MA

  • We are following up on our 501-c-3 paperwork. We’ll have more to report in the future.
  • The new bank account transition is in process.
  • The Chris Gruber Memorial Scholarship Pledge Installment was paid at $1,000

Report on Progress Toward 2015/2016 Goals

Goal One: To continually improve the educational foundation of AVAP for the benefit of its members

  1. Strategically use the listserv to pose questions that are relevant to current issues.
    1. The Executive Committee has put together a schedule to post discussion starters on the listserv each month starting in September and running thru May with a break in December.
    2. For September’s topic, Jo Ann Winn just posted helpful tips on listserv etiquette.
  2. Provide support to those who wish to create educational fora for the benefit of our members.
    1. Danielle Ford has begun a bi-monthly conference call option – (Topic on August 20th – Reunion Weekend; Topic coming up on October 15th – Grateful Client Programs)
    2. Please let us know if you wish to prepare something similar, and we will assist.
  3. Support our on-site conference committee with all aspects of the upcoming conference.
    1. Eliana Mijangos, Conference Chair, is working with her committee and has made progress on the logistics and budget plan. She has also formed a sub-committee to work on the conference program and content.
  4. We hope to increase conference attendance by 3-4% (4-5 additional conferees), so let us know if you have any ideas to accomplish this.
    1. We received a 53% return on survey responses. It was slightly lower than our target of 60%, but we will aim for this number next year. Thank you for taking the time to respond, and we are grateful for your feedback! Results are posted on the AVAP web site.
    2. Please save the date! The conference will be on August 9th and 10th.

Goal Two: To collaborate with our respective institutions and AVAP’s partner organizations to ‘come into view’ on the major opportunities and challenges facing veterinary medicine

  1. Meet with the AAVMC leadership to identify 1-2 specific goals that AVAP and AAVMC can partner on in the coming year.
    1. Two goals have been identified and are being vetted with the executive committee on both sides. We will be in contact with AVMA; there will be more to report on both collaborations in the coming months.
  2. Promote the participation of (a minimum of) 5 deans to attend next year’s conference.
    1. We will be posting information on next year’s conference on the website in ample time to share with your deans.
  3. Define 1-2 tasks to support cross-communication between AVAP and AVMA in support of our conference at San Antonio.
    1. More to report as the year unfolds.

Please let us know if you have any comments on these goals. We look forward to the coming year!

Best regards,
Pam Jones
Phone: 970.491.3932
Mobile: 970.219.4913
[email protected]