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2016 AAVMC Communications Excellence Award to be Awarded at the Annual AVAP Conference

The AAVMC Communications Excellence Award will be Awarded at the 2016 AVAP Annual Conference this August!

The “AAVMC Communications Excellence Award” is designed to recognize the important role communications plays in advancing academic veterinary medicine and the profession. It also seeks to inspire higher levels of performance among our members. During this 50th anniversary year, the award will also recognize member engagement with the AAVMC’s 50th Anniversary program. In addition to overall program excellence, judging criteria will recognize grassroots institutional participation in anniversary communication programs.

The award includes a $1,000 honorarium, a plaque, and recognition during the annual meeting of the Association of Veterinary Advancement Professionals (AVAP). The recipient is expected to attend the AVAP meeting held in conjunction with the 2016 annual meeting of the AVMA in San Antonio, Texas to receive the award.

Nominations are welcome from any individual employed by an AAVMC member institution and candidates may nominate themselves. Nominators are encouraged to submit materials electronically via email. Hard copy will be accepted if postmarked by the deadline for submission.

The individual selected as the 2016 AAVMC Communication Excellence Award could be asked to present at the AVAP conference on Wednesday as part of the Communications Track Session.  





Best Wishes to Past-President Jonathan Burton

Dear AVAP Colleagues,

Our worlds are full of transitions and change, and it often seems that we do not have enough time to pause and reflect. I hope that this note will provide the impetus to take a moment to think about the many contributions of Jonathan Burton. Today he began work in a major gift role with his undergraduate alma mater, Clark University.

I want to thank Jonathon not only for his service as an AVAP member these past 8 years, but also for his numerous contributions as an Executive Committee member. These past three years, he served as Vice President, President, and this year, Past President. Jonathan’s talents, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and intelligence have contributed to AVAP’s ongoing growth and evolution, and we thank him for being a part of this great organization.

Best wishes, Jonathan! Thank you for your leadership and commitment.

Pam Jones
AVAP President 2015-2016


A Note from Jonathan – Feb 4, 2016:

Hello AVAP Friends,

I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on passing this news along, and I would rather call each of you than send my update via broadcast email.

I phoned Pam last week to reluctantly share that I’m making a professional transition, after eight rewarding years with Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and another seven years prior to that with Tufts in undergraduate alumni relations.  Fifteen years is a long time with one university, but honestly, I could have stayed another fifteen more.  Things remain very good here at Tufts!

I’m returning to my undergraduate alma mater, Clark University, (nearby in Worcester, MA) in a major gifts role to hopefully help achieve some of the steady and prosperous growth that I’ve enjoyed being a part of with Tufts for so many years.  This was an exceedingly difficult choice for me, but the timing felt right to help Clark grow as the university ramps up for a comprehensive campaign.

There are many facets of my work I am surely going to miss, but the camaraderie of AVAP volunteers is right up there at the tippy top.  I feel privileged to have had the chance to contribute to this association, and it has provided much back for me.  I remember very well my first AVAP meeting in New Orleans which added such great perspective on my work.  Several on this list were involved AVAP volunteers when I began my veterinary advancement work in 2007, and every year since, I feel like I’ve gained valuable insights from peers in this profession.

I remain in my role at Tufts throughout the month of February.  Please drop a line as time allows, as I’d welcome the chance to connect personally with each of you!

Very best,