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UF Health Job Opportunity

UF Health EDP Dev VetMed Final Leadership Profile

2015 Conference Program Resource Archive & Presentation Documents

With thanks again to the nearly 100 AVAP members who joined to make the July 14-15 2015 Boston-Cambridge conference so memorable, we hope you’ll continue to build on the connections made this past summer as your academic year continues.

For handy reference, all of the resources and presentation materials are now archived on the 2015 Conference Information Page.

Greetings from Pam Jones, 2015-2016 AVAP President, and goals for the year ahead

Dear AVAP Colleagues,

It is a privilege to serve as AVAP president this year. Thank you for this opportunity!

Between the ever-present preparations for the upcoming semester, the pace of our regular work, and planning summer breaks with family and friends, I hope that you were able to find a little time to reflect upon the 2015 AVAP Conference in Boston last week. The conference was true to its theme, “Navigating Seas of Change”; it was a great mix of perspectives and insights on best practices for how we approach the future to benefit our institutions. A heartfelt thanks to this year’s conference committee, and we are grateful to Jonathan Burton and Lorraine Daignault of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts for their leadership. Thank you.

You will also find that we have an exceptional group of talented and passionate individuals on our executive committee. We are fortunate to have committee members who are continuing on with us as well as new members. Also please join me in applauding Jonathan Burton for his exceptional work as president last year. His many contributions are evident as he ‘passes the gavel,’ and I am grateful for the course he has set for AVAP.

This is an exciting time for our organization. As advancement professionals, we possess a unique position within our institutions, whether our roles are fundraising, alumni relations, or marketing and public relations. Today we are able to think about our future in new ways, thanks to the many wonderful leaders who have shaped AVAP for the past 27 years. How do we best tackle our primary objectives as an organization – to aid, benefit, and improve the skills of development, public relations, and alumni relations – while at the same time bring into view the impact we make to support veterinary medicine? As I look to the past to inform our goals for the upcoming year, I pose the following questions:

How do we continually improve the educational foundation of AVAP for the benefit of its members?
Goals for 2015-2016
o Strategically use the listserv to pose questions that are relevant to current issues.
 Action: Post an opportunity or issue each month starting in September.
o Provide support to those who wish to create educational fora for the benefit of our members.
 Action: Support Danielle Ford’s online discussions on grateful client programs.
 Action: Support others who may wish to create similar offerings.
o Support our conference partners (thank you, Texas A&M!) to design and organize next year’s conference in San Antonio.
 Action: Work closely with the conference chair, Eliana Mijangos, and the Texas A&M team to assist them with the conference.
 Action: Increase attendance at next year’s conference by 3-4%.
 Action: Encourage a minimum of 60% participation in the survey responses for Boston in order to understand the membership’s needs for San Antonio. The feedback survey is live, so we encourage all to complete it while the conference is still fresh in our minds!

How do we best collaborate with our respective institutions and AVAP’s partner organizations to ‘come into view’ on the major opportunities and challenges facing veterinary medicine?
Goals for 2015-2016
o Meet with the AAVMC leadership to identify 1-2 specific goals that AVAP and AAVMC can partner on in the coming year.
o Promote the participation of (a minimum of) 5 deans to attend next year’s conference.
o Define 1-2 tasks to support cross-communication between AVAP and AVMA in support of our conference at San Antonio.

Please let us know if you have any comments on these goals. We look forward to the coming year!

Best regards,

Pam Jones
[email protected]
Phone: 970.491.3932
Mobile: 970.219.4913

Share your team’s success via video

Video success sharing can enhance your team’s storytelling skills, and share content with those unable to attend the AVAP conference.

Before the you know it our annual conference in Boston will be upon us! The AVAP Board has been hard at work to help ensure we make the most of our time together in Boston/Cambridge this July.

This year we are encouraging member institutions to submit a 2-2:30-minute video highlighting pride points for of your advancement/marketing communications groups. We will play these video submissions throughout the conference. We hope to have many member organizations submit pieces and will showcase them on a newly created AVAP You Tube channel in the weeks ahead. While we hope to see many, many faces in Boston this July, we understand travel can be difficult for some. Please submit and share your pride point videos with the group even if you are unable to join us in person!

We envision the process to be very simple. For instance, we produced the Cummings School video in a matter of hours and had a lot of fun doing it.

Some suggested steps:

1. Gather your team and decide upon your pride points (content is king!)
2. Line up your speakers
3. Recruit a colleague to be the “videographer” (iPhone videos work and editing not required!)
4. Produce the segment
5. Edit if you wish (again, not mandatory and rough cuts are welcome!)
6. Upload to the AVAP Drop Box folder and we will take care of loading to You Tube on your behalf. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aep1qxwwa3fx7m3/AAAxG6bsF7hGM36uybsOZSd6a?dl=0
7. Deadline for submission: Friday, July 10 — close of business.

Remember the most important part of this endeavor is information sharing with those at the conference and with colleagues who, unfortunately, can not travel this summer to Boston. This exercise will also give us all a baseline to draw upon for a super session we have planned at the conference: “Showcasing your best though video on a
budget” to be presented by Steffan Hacker, Multimedia Producer Tufts Digital Communications.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all. The AVAP Board sincerely hopes everyone “gets their video-on” prior to our conference in Boston.

I have included the Cummings School video as an example, but again any form of video production (including voice-over and stills) is appreciated and welcome! We can’t wait to preview these clips throughout the conference.


Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!

Lorraine A. Daignault – AVAP 2015 Conference Chair
Marketing Director, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts University

What’s on the agenda?

The Association of Veterinary Advancement Professionals invites conference registrants, to view the conference agenda for our July 14-15 Annual Meeting.  Some 100 conference attendees are expected to join together.  Registration is at full capacity, and is now closed.

 AVAP – 2015 Conference Agenda & Schedule

Where exactly will it all be located?

On July 14 (first day of conference) the AVAP welcome/registration table will be located on the Cambridge Marriott’s second floor, outside of Grand Ballroom/Salon III, which will serve as the main presentation room for the conference.   Grand Ballroom/Salon III is located just up the escalator in the hotel lobby.


UC Davis Communications Team – 2015 AAVMC Communications Excellence Award Winner

AAVMC Announces 2015 Communications Excellence Award Winner:
Congratulations UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Communications Team


UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Winner, 2015 AAVMC Communications Excellence Award

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) proudly announces the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Communications Team as the AAVMC 2015 Communications Excellence Award WinnerRead the full news release: CommAward2015NewsRelease

The Association of Veterinary Advancement Professionals joins AAVMC in congratulating the team of Linda Ybarra, Katie Blakewell, Rob Warren and Trina Wood on this notable distinction. The team will formally receive their honors on July 14, in conjunction with the 2015 AVAP Conference, to be held in Boston/Cambridge.

A five-member team of judges, including three representatives from member organizations of the Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions (FASHP), selected Ybarra and UC Davis’ communications and marketing program from among eight nominations considered in a very close competition.











Boston/Cambridge Conference, July 14 -15 :: “Navigating Seas of Change”

Friends and Colleagues,

Your Massachusetts-based hosts from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, together with the AVAP Executive Committee, are very enthusiastic about the plans taking shape for the 2015 Association of Veterinary Advancement Professionals Conference, July 14-15 (Tues-Wed) to be held  at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel.

Our 2015 conference theme is anchored around, “Navigating Seas of Change” in the areas of veterinary advancement, college and hospital communications.  Keeping with the theme, our conference social will be a special chartered Boston Harbor Cruise on the evening of July 14, aboard the Charles Riverboat Co. vessel, “The Lexington”.

Far beyond the social fun, the 2015 AVAP conference meeting is geared to provide you with new and innovative ideas to take back to your home institutions.  Your attendance will provide a unique opportunity to hear from a variety of thought leaders, and an invaluable opportunity to connect with peers and colleagues who can share relatable challenges and successes.  No other annual conference serves veterinary advancement, marketing and P.R. professionals in quite the same, focused way – don’t miss the chance to take part!

    Preliminary highlights of the July 2015 conference include…

  • “Advocating for Your Institution’s Mission” with Mark Cushing, The Animal Policy Group (Morning Keynote, July 14)
  • “One Health Beyond Campus Boundaries” (Plenary Panel)
  • “The Changing Tides of American Higher Education (Veterinary colleges in the larger landscape of evolving universities, July 15)
  • Boston Harbor Cruise aboard the Charles Riverboat Co., vessel, “The Lexington” (Evening Social: July 14)


  1. Conference Registration set to “go live” in early May
  2. Don’t wait to book your hotel guest room at Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel (50 Broadway, Cambridge). Our limited block of rooms with a special conference rate is selling out quickly!


The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) is proud to celebrate a year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration, running from March 2015 – March 2016. In addition to this milestone for AAVMC, the celebration year provides opportunities for each veterinary college to share in the communications around the vital mission of academic veterinary medicine.

Learn more