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Boston/Cambridge Conference, July 14 -15 :: “Navigating Seas of Change”

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Friends and Colleagues,

Your Massachusetts-based hosts from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, together with the AVAP Executive Committee, are very enthusiastic about the plans taking shape for the 2015 Association of Veterinary Advancement Professionals Conference, July 14-15 (Tues-Wed) to be held  at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel.

Our 2015 conference theme is anchored around, “Navigating Seas of Change” in the areas of veterinary advancement, college and hospital communications.  Keeping with the theme, our conference social will be a special chartered Boston Harbor Cruise on the evening of July 14, aboard the Charles Riverboat Co. vessel, “The Lexington”.

Far beyond the social fun, the 2015 AVAP conference meeting is geared to provide you with new and innovative ideas to take back to your home institutions.  Your attendance will provide a unique opportunity to hear from a variety of thought leaders, and an invaluable opportunity to connect with peers and colleagues who can share relatable challenges and successes.  No other annual conference serves veterinary advancement, marketing and P.R. professionals in quite the same, focused way – don’t miss the chance to take part!

    Preliminary highlights of the July 2015 conference include…

  • “Advocating for Your Institution’s Mission” with Mark Cushing, The Animal Policy Group (Morning Keynote, July 14)
  • “One Health Beyond Campus Boundaries” (Plenary Panel)
  • “The Changing Tides of American Higher Education (Veterinary colleges in the larger landscape of evolving universities, July 15)
  • Boston Harbor Cruise aboard the Charles Riverboat Co., vessel, “The Lexington” (Evening Social: July 14)


  1. Conference Registration set to “go live” in early May
  2. Don’t wait to book your hotel guest room at Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel (50 Broadway, Cambridge). Our limited block of rooms with a special conference rate is selling out quickly!
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