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Discussion Forum: Clinic Visits

How do you work clinic visits into your travel plans and donor visits?

  • Are you using a mapping program to identify alumni clinics and plan your visits?
  • How do you track where alumni are currently practicing or which practitioners are your alumni?
  • What types of gifts or information are you providing alumni when you visit?
  • Do you ever give a clinic gift instead of individual alumni gifts?
  • Do you do any clinic recognition for referring clinics or clinics participating in college programs such as a pet memorial program?
  • What kinds of college items/promotion/information are made available to be used or displayed in the clinic?
  • Do you visit or leave information for clinics that don’t have alumni?


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  1. Kelley Marchbanks says:

    At Oregon State, we have a staff member who uses the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association Directory to update our database for where our alumni are currently practicing. As the DO, I use a program called MapPoint to plot alumni’s work address (along with our potential and current supporters.) I can then see when my travel takes me by a clinic with one or more of our alumni. As I visit the clinics, I often get updated information about who is practicing there and will share that with our team when I get back in the office to keep our records updated. We have framed certificates of appreciation for those clinics that participate in our pet memorial program. I usually share a lapel pin and OSU Pen along with any new publications with our alums. We are looking at providing a specific information piece (activity book) for kids at the request of several of our alumni who are looking for ways to entertain kids who accompany their parents at visits and also a follow-up when people inquire about kids that want to be vets when they grow up. We don’t reach out to non-alumni clinics except those in our local area who refer often.

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