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Discussion Forum: Giving Programs

What kinds of giving clubs does your college currently offer? How is your college managing these giving programs.

(Not annual donors or donors that can be pulled for certain funds, but members to a specific club where they have to give a certain level to participate.)

  • What kind of gift clubs do you have currently?
  • How are you managing those clubs?
  • Are they single gift commitments or multi-year pledges?
  • How are you promoting these programs?
  • How are you stewarding these donors?
  • How do you manage the membership data?
  • What kinds of materials do you have to support these programs (promotional items, pledge forms, membership only items)?

Please add your comments and input in the comment section below as a resource for other programs.



  1. Diana K. Turner says:

    The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University has a Dean’s Club. This group of alumni and friends was established in 1992, when the College of Veterinary Medicine observed the 100th anniversary of veterinary instruction at Auburn. The commitment our donors have exhibited throughout the many years are transforming lives and building brighter futures. Our Centennial Club has more than 400 members who give specifically each year to the Centennial Club. The Centennial Club recognizes the highest level of leadership in Annual Giving at our College. Members give specifically to the CC and can do so in three ways. We have a Silver Membership which is a $5,000 commitment but many members have taken their support to the $10,000 or Gold Level or to our Diamond Level, $25,000 or $100,000 Unrestricted (CC) bequest.

    Management is somewhat tricky at times, but we have all members coded in our ADVANCE system as they progress through the different levels. We are able at any time to create an accurate report of who are members are, what level they have achieved, and monies donated specifically to CC (this would be different than unrestricted). Many of these gifts are multi year commitments and others chose to pay at one time. Our donors are stewarded through routine communications from the development office and our dean. Each year we have a recruitment and recognition event during the College’s Annual Conference. Graduates and friends love the event and encourage one another to bring prospective members. We usually sign up 30 or so at the event at different levels of the club. We are very fortunate to have some VETMED celebrities in our club and those folks are very supportive of helping us with stewardship.

    We have ancillary material about the Centennial Club and have been successful in leaving those behind. We like to promote the CC in our vetmed magazine. I would say 1/2 of the people sign pledge cards, but we have never had anyone not pay their “tab” so to speak. The 400 or so CC members have become some of the College’s biggest donors outside this club. This is a wonderful way to engage folks. Our dean is fabulous and does a wonderful job engaging all of our members and letting them know twice a year, what funds have been used for and how growth in the club allows the college flexibility to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  2. Karen Johnson says:

    At the University of Florida, we have a Dean’s Circle of Excellence. Our members are on 5yr plans. So if they are Loyal or Leadership Members their membership expires after 5 years. During those years they have to pledge a very specific amount ($1000/yr. for loyal and $2000/yr. for leadership). I currently have to keep an excel spreadsheet with 8 tabs for different information…Pledges, materials sent (thank you, pins, certs), projecting income, when they pay their pledge, what region are they in, etc…I am basically hoping there is a BETTER way to manage this data since our Advance System (database) doesn’t offer. Ideally, this would be able to create pledge reminders, invoices, create thank you notes, and export data to create labels and mail merge….

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