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2019 Conference

Thank you for joining us in Washington, DC this summer! We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for next year. Be sure to mark your calendars for our conference next year!

2019 Post-Conference Survey

Here is the agenda for the conference

Learn more about our keynote and session speakers: Lisa Dietlin & Pam Witter

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2019 Conference Attendees


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Welcome Session – Returning Members (Managers) – Managing Up Notes

Welcome Session – Returning Members (Non Manager) – Manage Job & “Duties as Assigned” Notes

Lisa Dietlin – Living an Inspired and Balanced Life


Track Session One

Communication with rDVMs (Communications)

Small Shop, Limited Resources, Big Expectation Notes

Lisa Dietlin – No One Needs Another Walnut Plaque


Track Session Two

Photo & Video Tips and Resources (Communications)

The Many Faces of Stewardship Notes

College Events & Donor Stewardship / Recognition


Track Session Three

How Successful Are You Presentation (Communications)

Converting Planned Giving Donors Notes

Feeding the Monster Notes


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pam Witter – Be A Seed Planter


Track Session Four

Excellence in Communication Award – Kansas State University

Ohio State – One Pager on Scholarships

Ohio State – 90 Sec Commercial – Scholarships

Ohio State – Scholarship Surprise Video

Ohio State – Email to Clients

Stewardship Cheap & Easy Notes

Penn Vet – Stewardship Chart

Penn Vet – Thank You Postcard                         Penn Vet – Equine Postcard

Penn Vet – Alumni Annual Report Calendar

Penn Vet – Friends Annual Report Calendar


Track Session Five

Strengthen Your Alumni Society Notes

VA/MD & VA Tech – Crisis Communication Panel Notes

Pam Witter – Stewardship Samurai Presentation

Pam Witter – Stewardship Samurai Handout


Track Session Six

Supporting Alumni Over a Lifetime Notes

“I’ve Already Paid for This Wing of the Hospital” Notes

Catering to Grateful Clients Notes

Ohio State & Florida – Thank a Donor Days, Giving Days, Crowdfunding

University of Florida past Pet Samaritan Fund donor photo books


Friday August 2, 2019

Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Presentation

Friday Informal Roundtable – Annual Giving Notes




Purina – Resident Research Grant Criteria

Purina – Student Summer Research Fellowship Grant Criteria

Purina – Research Institute Website

Listserv Signup