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College Presentations: Cornell – Changing the Way You Communicate

Cornell AVAP College Presenation
Provided by Sheila M. Reakes, Director of Annual Giving at Cornell University


A letter from Mary Becker with iNovum:

Dr. Rotondo and I were pleased to meet members of the AVAP.  It was gratifying to see Cornell’s presentation including iNovum.   The identification of three clear emergent mindset segments, as well as a separate mindset segment for friends of Cornell, and the subsequent lift in donation rates and donors is an outcome typical of using mind genomics to know what to say to consumers (in this case donors), how to say it, and what NOT to say.  As a result, we have been busy answering questions about how it works and have attached a flowchart showing the process of mind genomics.

For additional information, two other attachments are provided below which show highly successful results from an email campaign for American Heart Association and information about Dr. Howard Moskowitz, creator of the algorithm.

Best regards,
Mary Becker, CFP, MBA
Business Development Advisor
Toll Free:  877.446.6886

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