Keynote – Jerry Panas

AVAP Conference | July 22, 2013
Jerry Panas | “The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be”
Notes Provided by LSU Team

  • What is the value proposition for your college? What is the case for making gifts to your college?
  • How is fundraising changing the way you are raising money & the way donors are giving money?
    • First time donors are the most fragile & vulnerable.
  • What has happened in the past few years that has had an impact on how you raise money?
    • Social media (Facebook)
    • Websites
    • Cell phones (calling programs)
    • Personal touches are more important now (handwritten notes)
    • Competition with other non-profits


Good questions to ask when you don’t know anything about the person:

-How did you happen to come to the university?

(Ex. Man went to university on scholarship, all expenses paid. He met his wife, who was also attending on scholarship, at school. He owes everything to the university because of that scholarship.)

– When was the last time you visited campus?

– Who is most responsible for your success?


Three E’s

– Enthusiastic

– Energy

– Empathy


Answer the Why questions:

Why this college?

Why this Project?

Why this Amount?

Why Now?

Why me?


Discussions: Roadblocks to GET THE VISIT

-I don’t have time

– How about Wednesday of next week?

– What time is good for you?

I don’t have money

– Listen, this isn’t about money. I won’t talk about money. I want to tell you about exciting things going on at the college.

I don’t feel the college is on the right track

– Can you tell me more? What can we do better?

– Get the visit! Don’t discuss on the phone.

Never hear from the dean

– Can I give him/her your contact info?

– I don’t like hearing that frankly, but that’s important that you told me that. I’d like to hear more. When can I see you?

Send me the material I’ll send the check

Son applied to the school wasn’t accepted

Don’t have to see me I’ll send check

I only hear from you when you want money

I have other things I give to


Listen more than you talk.

Silence after you ask “the question.” (Would you consider making a $5M gift to the SMV?)

“BOY” rule: Because Of You

Uniquely positioned: no one else does quite what we do.

Attrition is your enemy.

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