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Round Table – Alumni Relations: Transitioning Students to Alumni

Alumni Relations: Transitioning Students to Alumni
Notes provided by Gretchen Morgan, LSU

Mentoring programs

  • Illinois-program from vetmed alumni association. Working together with networking nights. Tufts also does the same; run thru alumni office.

Provides panels of alums to come in to talk to the students during senior week.

  •  llinois starts earlier.  Uses AAHA and AVMA guidelines for mentoring and melded what worked best. Using online surveys, ask questions to find interests, etc. Also give out guidelines.
  •  Need to make sure to ask students-Penn has a student alumni advisory board. They give topics for mentoring. Call it a coaching program. Alums sign up to be a coach.  This is for years 3 & 4, faculty mentor years 1 & 2.
  • Minn has just started a mentoring program. This is just for incoming 1st years. Requires having 2 meaningful contacts per month with mentor.
  • Cornell has had problems getting a mentoring program up and growing. But sends a letter to first year students from the alumni assoc. Run a networking program with students, alumni assoc and vma. Work with student affairs to have alumni speakers come in and then have a social.
  • Using alumni for Comm Veterinary Services rotation. They come in to talk about business, marketing practice, even buying vehicles. Frequently same people want to come again and again.

How to communicate with young alumni

  • Facebook-Purdue has a young alumni page. Had Purdue Pete come at event prior to commencement.
  • Set up FB pages when the class starts
  • Do a year-end party for graduating class. Gave out their gift (business card holders) (Penn)
  • MS state alumni person (Brandi) teaches a class at their CVS.

Use alumni for VLE and sponsor event. tufts alumni assoc. gives entering class anatomy book incoming.

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