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Roundtable – Marketing and Communications: Communications Plans

Communication Plan Roundtable
Moderator Notes provided by: Kristin Clement

  • Since many of us are in the beginning stages of research or forming a communications plan, we began speaking about the research phase. LSU began by mapping zip codes served. She plans to add to that by finding out the services used by each zip code. They created a survey that included basic questions such as ‘did you know LSU had a vet school?’. They have also completed a SWOT analysis in conjunction with the head of marketing.
  • Multiple schools have hired firms for research and rebranding.
  • Many of us have internal communications that come from the dean and town hall meetings to meet with faculty and students.
  • Ross does a weekly Top 10 of industry and social news that goes out to the college.
  • Alumni seem to enjoy email communications. Surveys are popular to determine the content and frequency of these communications.
  • Tracking magazines is mostly done through BRE. Some success, some will try again. Wishlists are another successful tool used by Kansas State.
  • Some are using qr codes. One suggested Daqri to display technical drawings as 3D through a smart phone app.

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