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Roundtable – Marketing and Communications: Crisis Communication

Marketing and Communications: Crisis Communication
Moderator: Karen Templeton, Mississippi State University

Discussion Overview

  • Stories of animal activist issues were shared – most find that a simple response and then ignoring work best
  • VA-MD has had issues with an activist website – feedback on how to respond was given. Most find that rising above the issue works best
  • Auburn has had luck with speaking with local media outlet about the posts they allow on their internet site. When they find things that are not true, they ask AL.com to remove.
  • Penn Vet had billboard faced a billboard campaign re: animal testing at their college. Only got one call and it was from students. Great opp. to educate.
  • Crisis communication plans are necessary. Two colleges have them in place, others are working toward them
  • Stories about handling animal rescue after natural disaster shared. Again, idea of having plan is important. Colleges shared info about their plans.
  • Media training is useful and can be delivered in different ways



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