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Roundtables – Stewardship: Managing Important Relationships

Managing Important Relationships
Notes provided by LSU Team                                                    

Discussed our role –Gift Officers in Stewardship and others

Who to involve in Ask/gift-preferably 2 people, for clarification and recall after visit

  • Preference-  The Dean and the Calling Officer; another Staff member who can tell a story of the work or their work at the School; a Volunteer with  VetMed –should be strong connection to the School and  to the Prospect

What to do after the gift-Thank and keep thanking because many donors feel like they have been put aside after the gift but were top of mind before gave.

  • Keep donor aware of any events, Special speakers, new programs or products-let them be in on the inner circle
  • Try “Be a Vet student for a Day” to keep it fresh and to show the impact their gift is making; get their story and put on website or in annual report ( w/ their permission )

How to keep Legacy donors Top of mind- Many tools

  • Keep a Development Calendar w/ this area as a growing spoke. Memorials – acknowledge everyone! Try thank you’s  by sending/ displaying pictures, plagues,  notices from paper/Obits-Keep the Planned Giving program on the website,& in any printed materials, recognition Wall in main area of hospital or School

When things go Wrong-support? Remember building relationships, not just raising money.

  • Sometimes the messenger has to be changed; go back to the basics. Get some Wins. Always document -some things are salvageable; some things (donors) are not!

Is the University helping (is there a Foundation helping/hindering)?

  • Most agreed -Foundation great tool, esp. if have small shop. A Foundation can add to budget’s bottom line w/ support staff and materials, research to training.
  • Other s saw Foundation as layered-A lot of “paperwork”, personnel.
  •  Vet Med clients don’t fit Alumni model -can becomes issue w/metrics  and tracking as Clients often not Alums, not  in system

Using  Students-yes; several schools do; for Open Houses, for brief testimonies at a reception, scholarship lunches

Donor who Dangles the Carrot, no gift yet

  • Invite them to do something that shows commitment-Ask them to serve and show up in an Advisory capacity. Develop some urgency about the next ask to them and follow up w/ tight turnaround; obtain peer awareness or matches, create some accountability with visible recognition/Set some expectation

Timelines- the donors vs. the schools

  • The donor is our client; we also work for the client (donor) and know him closer than most- If there is an issue gets w/ leadership (confidentially) and readjust metrics.
  • “Donor intent” to make a gift w/in their timeline- i.e. the sell of his business ;the donor will make 4 payments vs/ 2…Make certain contact reports have all steps

Staff Changes- Dean to DODs

  • Keep sending out positive, growth based information on the School, scholarships, programs
  • Invite VIPs to lunch to hear about the transition and/ or from the Leadership leaving; manage the message



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