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Discussion Forum – Weaving Advancement Into Teaching Hospitals

We (University of Florida) are working on ideas to implement in our teaching hospitals that highlights the impact of Advancement (banners, videos, etc.0 What are others doing to bring awareness of the opportunity for clients to make gifts to the college?


  1. Julie Byczynski says:

    In our cancer center waiting room, we have a large donor wall which is comprised of photo-plaques of pets and tiles with inspiring/memorial messages. While that campaign (which was to build the cancer centre) is closed, we still accept donations since there is capacity for more photos and tributes.

    Clients seem to enjoy seeing the photos and reading the tributes, and we’ve had quite a few new gifts come through as a result.

    The wall itself has an overall thank you message, so I believe it helps to elevate awareness of the role of philanthropy in our hospital.

    Julie B,
    Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Canada

  2. Danielle Johnson says:

    From Bill at U of MN:
    I wish I had some great ideas but alas U of MN does mostly the basics-

    Memories Garden with bricks (one for small and one for large)
    Facebook postings
    Equine calendar that has lost steam

    We have these wonderful screens in the lobby of our small animal teaching hospital but hospital leadership finds promoting gifts and giving while people wait for their animals unpleasant.

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